COOKING oil recycled from Barnsley households is being converted into power as part of a eco-friendly waste project.

Polled home owners say waste cooking oil is usually difficult to dispose of, with most of them pouring it down the drain - with can cause damage to wildlife and watercourses.

But Waste Recycling Group (WRG) launched a project with Barnsley Council to collect cooking oil at the dump sites - which can be converted into green electricity that is fed into the National Grid, where one litre of oil can produce enough green electricity to run a DVD player for 440 hours.

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesperson for environment, said: “Our residents have really taken to recycling in whatever form it’s available, and they have my sincere thanks for their efforts and commitment they have shown. The inclusion of cooking oil recycling in all four of our waste recycling centres is another way in which we are continuing to enhance our reputation as a town with strong green credentials.”