A THIRD of Barnsley locals drink less than a litre of water a day with one in ten admitting to never having a glass.

The shocking stats revealed in a YouGov survey have prompted the NHS and Yorkshire Water to encourage locals to drink more water.

Susan Gee, occupational health and wellbeing manager at Yorkshire Water said: “The results of this survey reveal that most people in Barnsley don’t drink as much fluids, and especially water, as they should.

“Drinking too much coffee or alcohol is not recommended as both act as a diuretic, which means they take water out of the body and can dehydrate.”

Other findings revealed that 12 per cent of people in Barnsley never drink water in an average day and that more than a quarter of people drink less than half a pint of pure water each day.

Only 13 per cent of those surveyed in Barnsley typically drink more than three pints of water each day.