AROUND 100 Barnsley mums are being recruited to run sports teams and fitness classes across the borough.

A new campaign called Mums’ Team aims to train them in coaching sport in a bid to make the town more active.

Helen Marney, director of operations at South Yorkshire Sport, said: “We are looking for passionate mums of all ages and all walks of life who would like to take on a central role in leading sport and activity across our communities and would like support to get there.

“Whether that’s by arranging a game of table tennis on their lunch break with colleagues, leading a few games with family and friends at the local park, coordinating a group power-walk with other mums before picking the kids up from school or getting the ladies coffee group up and active with badminton, we want to reach as many Mums as possible and help them to become orchestrators of sporting activity for others.”

Mums who sign up to the project will attend a training programme and have access to funds to support their plans in getting others active.

To join the project contact South Yorkshire Sport on 0330 20 20 280.