LICENSING officers have vowed to crackdown on taxis after 75 per cent of those tested were suspended for being substandard - and three were fined for speeding.

Police and enforcement officers teamed up on December 11 to spot check taxis.

Seven hackney cabs and one private hire were checked but only two of the eight vehicles were found to be compliant with regulations.

The others were immedietely suspended for having oil leaks, inoperative indicator lights and missing wiper blades that had scratched the windscreen so badly it obscured the view.

Three drivers were also issued with speeding fines.

A spokesman said: "Defective vehicles are not acceptable and cannot be excused or tolerated.

"Vehicle inspection failure rates remain at an unacceptable level and continue to harbour great concerns amongst those committed in combatting such ill failings and conveying the message that operators, vehicle proprietors and drivers must begin to accept responsibility for their failures and make a change. Failure to do so will only continue to put the safety of the public at risk when using a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle in Barnsley."