A BARNSLEY dad is trying to raise £50,000 to pay for pioneering treatment that could mean he has longer with his daughter.

Graham McDonald, 47, known as Jok, was diagnosed with gray zone lymphoma - a rare blood cancer - in January.

He and wife Jude are looking for a stem cell donor in the UK - but are also looking further afield.

Jude said: "We have a little girl called Emily . We are desperate for a cure so Jok can see her grow up.

"He's recently finished 15 sessions of radiotherapy in hope it will shrink the mass enough to have a donor stem cell transplant. This is our last hope in the UK, unless a trial starts somewhere in the UK and then the money we raise would go towards travel accomadation etc. All the other treatments available at the moment are in America. In Washington DC there is an hospital that do trials and if Jok was to be excepted on a trial it would be free. This would mean we would have to pay for flights, visas etc. The money raised will also go towards second opinions."

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