A MUM has come face to face with the Barnsley driver that was in control of the car when it crashed and killed her son.

Sarah West's teenage son Jamie and his dad Stephen were both killed when David Etherington, from Shafton, crashed a Subaru Impreza into a lamp post. They were both passengers in the car.

David is serving a six years and eight months prison sentence for death by dangerous driving.

But as part of the Restorative Justice scheme he agreed to speak to Sarah.

He said: “I know I can’t change what I have done or make it better, but, this is something that I thought I could do that could be of help to the family.” 

David explained why he was speeding. He told Sarah that everyone in the car was asking him to go faster and he wanted to make them happy so he did.

He stated that even though he was asked to go faster he knows it was his choice to speed and not the fault of anyone else in the vehicle.