A £1 million investment into the Metrodome's swimming pool has yielded record results for visitor numbers.

Barnsley Premier Leisure - which manage the site - say since Calypso Cove opened in February thousands of locals have been flocking to visit.

In 2011 the Easter holidays brought in just over 15,000 swimmers but this year the number rocketed by nearly 7,000 bringing footfall to 21,700.

Facility Manager Joni Millthorpe said: “We have had an extremely successful period at the Metrodome. The statistics for swimming this year speak for themselves and the feedback regarding Calypso Cove has been fantastic with both the children and adults enjoying the new features.

“It’s great to see a positive effect on the community following the investment, it really makes everything worthwhile seeing the Metrodome busy and buzzing with excitement.”