BARNSLEY Council has launched a new Ebay account to sell leftover highway materials, plant equipment, transport parts, street lighting materials and protective clothing.

The council’s Environment and Transport section is piloting the use of Ebay to sell supplies and materials. Due to the nature of the services, they are occasionally left with unwanted items.

Arrangements already exist for recovering any costs from these items - whether that’s returning items to suppliers, re-using them within the service, recycling them for alternative use or disposing of them at a cost to the council.

Coun Roy Miller said: “Using Ebay will provide us with another channel to manage surplus stock and will also give members of the public, along with council staff and partners, the opportunity to bid for items and goods.

“In a time when we are facing Government cuts to our funding, we are having to think more creatively and business-like in order to maintain our services."

People who want to check what Barnsley Council has for sale can visit