RACING ferrets have been added as a new attraction at a Barnsley tourism venue which has already had success with sprinting sheep.

Cannon Hall Farm, at Cawthorne, has a Grand National-style racecourse for sheep racing and is now creating a special arena to showcase speedy ferrets. The first ferret races will be held over the May Day bank holiday .

Director Robert Nicholson said:  “Ferrets are mischievous and have a lot of fun racing about so we thought that, after sheep racing proved one of our most popular attractions, we’d get ferrets in on the action.

“There’ll be a live commentary and ‘bookies’ kiosk where visitors will be able to choose a ferret to back and win prizes. It promises to be novel and really entertaining.”

Four ferrets sporting different colours will line up for each race and will run through 20 metres of clear tubing. Racers lining up include Roger the Rocket, Typhoon Freddie and Walter the Whirlwind.

Eight animals in total have been trained by staff at Oxenhope’s SMJ Falconry and Craft Centre and will be tempted to the finish line by titbits.