BARNSLEY Council has approved a motion on the future of Brierley Town Council following the community vote held earlier this month.

In July, a total of 983 people voted in favour of abolishing the parish council while 202 voted to keep it.Two votes could not be counted because the voters' views weren't clear.

The motion agreed that council officers would work with Brierley Town Council to produce a report with a strategy, key actions and a timetable for the abolition of the town council and civil parish.

Brierley Town Council were also asked not to take any major financial or policy decisions that might affect its position.

Coun Sir Stephen Houghton said: "We need to have a full report that looks at all of the issues involved in its abolition so that we can make a final decision.

"I would hope that this report will come into council in September and will make the timetable and date of abolition clear.”