A CHILD in a carry cot, a box of kittens, a false leg and a kitchen sink are among the strangest items left on South Yorkshire’s public transport, bus bosses have revealed.

A set of false teeth, 42 packets of bacon, a lawnmower, three boxes of live crickets and an envelope containing thousands of pounds are also among some of the things reported missing to Stagecoach Yorkshire and First South Yorkshire over the last few years.

The list of lost property has been revealed as part of the third annual Catch the Bus Week - a nationwide campaign taking place from June 29 to July 5 to promote the benefits of bus travel.

Stagecoach Yorkshire Managing Director, Paul Lynch, said: “Almost 2.5 million people all over Britain travel to work by bus every day, and a million more use the bus as a vital back up, so it’s not surprising that we find some odd things left on board."