A BARNSLEY youngster, who is often wheelchair bound with severe arthritis, is fundraising for the hospital that treats her on Friday.

Amber Darlington, 12, will hold a cake sale and craft fair in a bid to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity on their annual Make it Better Day.

The young girl was diagnosed with arthritis when she was just two-years-old and regularly suffers from pain and swelling which can often mean she can’t move and must resort to using a wheelchair.

She is currently an inpatient at The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, while she undergoes new treatment to relieve her symptoms.

Amber said: “They’ve done a lot for me for the ten years I’ve been coming to this hospital. Whenever I’ve had flair ups, they’ve made me better.

"The money raised on Make it Better Day could help to make everyone better and maybe one day there will be a magic medicine that will cure everybody in the world."