A CRACKDOWN on bad language and racial abuse will launch at Barnsley Football Club next season thanks to a campaign that allows fans to report problems by text message.

The 'Don't Stand For It' campaign - which has been launched in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police - will see all fans given a text number which they can anonymously message if they witness any problems.

They can text their seat number and what they can hear and either a member of security staff at Oakwell will pick up on it and, if needed, go to have a word with the fan or even film the activity to be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

A police spokesman said: "The club has always been very pro-active in this kind of thing and there already is a system in place where people can report problems - but this usually happens after the event, which sometimes is unfortunately too late.

"The text message service alerts us in real time what's going on and it means we can move the cameras or go and investigate. The club is keen to promote itself as being family friendly and there's nothing worse that if you've taken your small child to a game and there's someone effing and blinding at the side of you.

"Obviously bad language happens in football and there's been occasions where they have been accusations of racial abuse which have never been substantiated as there was no evidence. This system will mean our officers and ground security are fully briefed on what's going on, and it sends a strong message that this will not be acceptable behaviour.

"It should make people think twice about their behaviour in the ground - it isn't about catching people out. It's about making football enjoyable for everyone."

Barnsley Football Club spokesman Don Rowing added: "As a football club we are committed to the safety of our spectators and we want them to come to a game without there being any trouble. If we have troublemakers within the crowd then concerned fans can text the number and it can be dealt with immediately. We won't tolerate racist, homophobic or inappropriate comments at Oakwell and we have joined forces with the police to make the ground a secure place where people can bring their families."