FAMILY and friends of a Barnsley carer who suffered a severe stroke are raising money to adapt her home.

Deborah Chambers, 41, sadly suffered a severe stroke and bleed to her brain. This has left her with mobility issue and paralysis down her right side as well as communication problems.

Deborah's family, friends and work colleagues at Mears Care have come together to try and raise £1000 to bring her home from hospital.

The money is needed to make changes to Deborah's home and buy equipment for her care.

Leah Poxon, Deborah's sister-in-law, said: "At the moment, we do not know if or how much Deborah will improve but we are remaining positive and Debs is showing some great signs of improvement.

"Those of you that know Deborah know that she is a very caring person and has always been a great carer of the community herself, including doing animal rescue for cats and dogs from her own home for over 15 years.

"I ask that you all dig deep and help us raise as much money as possible to give back to Deborah what she has given to so many others."

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