TWO Barnsley guide dog users have praised construction workers in the town.

Steve Waller and Huw Davis are members of a group who meet to discuss any difficulties that might be faced by users of Barnsley town centre who have a visual impairment.

At a recent meeting both Steve and Huw said that they had experienced a lot of support from the North Midland operatives who are working on the council’s town centre urban centre infrastructure project.

Huw also mentioned that when some particularly noisy works were taking place his guide dog Owen became frightened. But the operatives on site were quick to spot this and stopped the works immediately to go to his assistance.

Coun Roy Miller said: "We hope that by sharing experiences like this we can encourage people to continue to visit the town centre while the redevelopment works are under way and reassure people that if they need assistance there are people on hand to provide support.”