BARNSLEY Council is planning to 'name and shame' those who are caught fly tipping within their own communities.

In March there was an average of almost 13 incidents reported every day across the borough, with a total of 399 requests for cleanup work smashing the previous record of 290 recorded in July last year.

Incidents where household white goods such as fridges were dumped at the roadside rocketed by 72 per cent last year, despite the council running a collection service for £5.

The council has pledged to do everything possible to prosecute offenders after they have been forced to divert cash from other services to help pay for clearing up the mess.

Paul Castle, Barnsley Council’s service director for the environment, said: "We will seek to prosecute wherever we possibly can. It is unacceptable behaviour from a minority of people and the majority share my view. It is socially unacceptable and there is no excuse for it."