A DECISION is expected next month on the future of the MiCard scheme after it announced the service would be reduced in the next round of budget cuts. Barnsley Youth Council have been considering three options put forward by the council to secure the future of the scheme - the options include charging an all day fare of 30p, even at weekends, to anyone using one; reducing MiCard hours to 5 – 9pm on school days and weekends with a 60p fare at all other time or a 20p fare at Mi Card hours only, between 9am – 9pm weekdays and anytime at weekends. Judith Harwood, Children Young People and Families Executive Director, said: “I was really impressed by the sophisticated and detailed decision making process undertaken by the young people. In particular they considered how their decision would impact on the young people who they are elected to represent and they approached the whole matter with integrity and a sound moral approach.”

The scheme came under fire in the latest round of budget cuts as the council revealed it had to axe some of the £2 million it costs to run the Mi Card.

Latest figures show that around 67 per cent of children and young people in Barnsley use the cards.