ONE pint of Barnsley Bitter is sold every minute of the day, according to latest figures from Acorn Brewery.

The brewery delivers direct to more than 400 pubs and bars in the north and midlands and supplies hundreds of others via wholesalers. Its beers can be bought in more than 50 independent retailers.

Acorn secured its first export order shipping £10,000 worth of its real ale to Italy last year, and other Italian orders have followed.

Owner Dave Hughes said: "Our latest order books show that, all in all, we now supply our customers across the UK and Europe with just over half a million pints of Barnsley Bitter a year."

As well as Barnsley Bitter, Acorn’s sales figures show that it sells three pints of real ale a minute. This includes Barnsley Gold, Yorkshire Pride, Blonde, Gorlovka and Old Moor Porter.