THE community will vote to decide the future of a debt-ridden town council.

A vote will be held between July 13-16 to determine the future of Brierley Town Council.

Ex-clerk Janet Cooper was jailed for eight years in 2013 after abusing her position to pocket nearly £700,000.

The fraudster, from Sheffield, enjoyed lavish hotels, a £21,000 car and cruises around the Mediterranean using cash paid to the town council.

When the scale of her offending was uncovered she claimed to be blind and said she had no memory of events - although no medical evidence supported her claims.

Her actions left the council with spiralling debts, with residents in Brierley and Grimethorpe taking on the cost.

Voting will take place at a different location each day to make it as convenient as possible for all residents.

The count will take place on July 17.

More information about the community vote will be issued next month.