POLICE in Barnsley have reassured the public that there is no evidence of any child abduction attempts in the town.

There has been continued speculation on Facebook regarding reports made to police about suspicious incidents.

A spokesperson told We Are Barnsley: "Four reports were made, each one has been thoroughly investigated and at this time there is no evidence to suggest that any offences had been committed or that they were linked in any way.

"Police have maintained contact with the people who made the reports and reassured them of our actions."

Anyone posting pictures of members of the public on social media claiming they have committed offences leave himself or herself liable to civil action for defamation of character.

The spokesperson added: "They must also consider the potential for vigilante action against innocent members of the public.

"If anyone has information about someone they believe may have committed any offences this needs to be shared with police, not the public through social media.

"Our enquiries are ongoing into this issue, including establishing the identity of the people in the picture posted on social media."