A DISABLED man was left humiliated after being told by a bus driver his wheelchair was too big to take on the bus.

Mark Ravenhill, who has cerebral palsy, is heavily reliant on public transport to get him about town.

The 30-year-old tried to board the number one Stagecoach bus on February 18 but claims a "grumpy" bus driver was reluctant to put the access ramp down for him and later told him his wheelchair was 'too big'.

Mark, of Spring Grove, Carlton, said this left him feeling embarrassed and intimidated.

"When the bus came I asked for the ramp to be put down," he said.

"But the driver was a bit grumpy about it. He did put it down eventually but was rude to me and my friends.

"When I got on I just felt a bit embarrassed and intimidated."

Paul Lynch, managing director of Stagecoach Yorkshire, said Mark is a valued customer who travels regularly with the operator and has done so for several years.

Mr Lynch also confirmed Mark's wheelchair is within the guidelines and is permitted on board its buses.