STUDENTS at a Barnsley school have been told they're not allowed to do anything for Red Nose Day - but they can still bring a pound in.

One Shafton ALC student, who asked not to be named for fear of getting in trouble, said a lot of pupils are upset that they can't get dressed up to raise money for Comic Relief.

The school became part of the Outwood Grange family of schools last year.

One pupil said: "We aren't allowed to wear red and red noses, badges and rubber wrist bands are also not allowed - it's only for a day, but they say it is a disruption to our learning."

The student explained that if someone breaks the rules regarding Red Nose Day, then they will be put in the 'consequences room'.

A school spokesman said that non-uniform days aren't allowed within the trust, which also oversees Carlton Community College, but there are other ways the school will be raising money.

"It's correct that we're not having a non uniform day. However, every VMG (Vertical Mentor Group - form group) is engaged in a different fundraising activity therefore promoting team work, resilience and creativity.

"We look forward to raising as much money as possible."