CONCERNED parents in Barnsley have hit out at South Yorkshire Police's response to last week's reports of attempted child abduction.

Social media pages were awash with claims that another alleged snatching had taken place in Barnsley town centre on February 26.

However, police released a statement saying that they were not aware of any reports of attempted child abduction, claiming that just two reports of 'suspicious behaviour' had been looked into and dismissed.

DCI Deb Mahmood said: "We have investigated the matters that have been brought to our attention and I am satisfied that no offences have been committed.

"Whilst people will be concerned about what they have heard, there is no cause for alarm."

But parents have criticised the force's response, saying they're 'failing' to protect the town's kids.

One wrote: "I believe this is unacceptable. As no crime was committed police are basically saying we're overreacting. It's not a rant or a media stunt - parents are worried and very concerned."

Another, who claimed she reported an incident to the police, added: "My son was surrounded by a group of three men, a woman and another little boy. They stopped me from getting to my son.

"When they wouldn't let me near him I started shouting and forced my way through. Another woman was walking by at the time. I reported it to the police and they didn't even come out to me."

Police were contacted by We Are Barnsley for a further response but no statement was given.

Anyone wishing to report any suspicious activity should call 101 or speak to their local officers on patrol.