POLICE in Barnsley want to reassure the public that no reports of attempted child abduction have been received.

Two incidents of suspicious behaviour have been reported to police in the last week but after thorough investigations, no evidence of attempted child abduction has been found.

A number of comments have been placed on social media causing a high level of concern among in community.

But DCI Deb Mahmood said that no offences had been identified as a result of investigations.

She added: "We have investigated the matters that have been brought to our attention and I am satisfied that no offences have been committed.

"While people will be concerned about what they have heard, there is no cause for alarm. We are aware of the comments made on Facebook however at this time no offences have come to light.

"We are increasing patrols in the town centre this weekend and will take positive action around any information that we receive.

"If people have any concerns about an individual's behaviour we ask them to contact 101 and we will fully investigate those concerns."

Officers increased visibility and patrols in the area after concerns were raised relating to a suspicious man in the May Day Green area last Saturday.

An investigation was launched but no offence was determined to have taken place.

Officers responded to a second complaint of suspicious behaviour yesterday.

DCI Mahmood added: "I am confident that this report was completely unrelated and our enquiries have found that no offence has taken place.

"We are working with the complainants to ensure they are happy with our actions."

Anyone wishing to report any suspicious activity should call 101 or speak to their local officers on patrol.