MORE litterers in Barnsley town centre have been named, shamed and fined.

Eight more people were convicted at Barnsley Magistrates' Court on February 12 for not paying fixed penalties issued for littering by 3GS.

The fixed penalties are offered as an alternative to prosecution, and by law people have 14 days in which to pay them. Failure to pay in full will result in prosecution.

Two of the litterers were also prosecuted for an additional offence of giving false details to the officer who issued the ticket, as this is also against the law, and they each received an additional £50 fine.

It is Barnsley Council’s policy to prosecute anyone who gives false details to an officer when they are being given a fine for littering or dog fouling.

Officers wear body cameras which are turned on when they approach people, and the footage from these is used to try to identify those who are suspected of giving false details in an attempt to avoid having to pay.

Coun Roy Miller said: "We have a tough stance on litterers who blight our streets and cost council tax payers money in street cleaning bills.

"Giving false details is also unacceptable - you will be found out."

All offences took place in June and the litterers are as follows:

Gemma Burkinshaw, 26, of Main Street, Goldthorpe

Libby Care, 18, of Abbots Road, Lundwood

Danielle Fawcett, 30, of Cedar Crescent, Lundwood

Jonas Grisius, 29, of Shaw Lane, Barnsley

Yasmin Jade Middleton, 19 of Roughwood Road, Rotherham

Symone Owen-Hill, 23, of Peel Street, Worsbrough

Steven Slater, 66, of Chapel Close, Birdwell

Jason Street, 28, of Dodworth Road, Barnsley