A COUNCILLOR has slammed "idiot" motorists who have delayed the reopening of a closed road.

Drivers, residents and businesses have all criticised the time taken to complete the roadworks on Dodworth bypass, which are still ongoing.

But Coun Roy Miller has spoken out, saying one of the delays had been caused by motorists who removed bollards to drive on the closed road - and then smashed into newly-laid manhole covers and other ironworks.

"We did take men off the roadworks for four days when everywhere was covered in snow and ice," he said. "It was impossible for them to work on the bypass because everything was frozen.

"But what really angered me were the idiots who decided to drive on the road anyway by moving the bollards out of the way and then damaged work that had already been completed causing completely unnecessary delays.

"Our intention is to have the bypass up and running as quickly and as safely as we can and hopefully before February 15. As soon as we've done we will open it."

Work started on the bypass on January 11.

The work includes making the central island on the smaller Higham Lane roundabout to allow a widening of the road, and also improvements to drainage to tackle flooding problems.