A BLANKET ban on internet sales of legal highs could soon come into force.

Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis, who has fought against the sale of 'psychoactive substances', met with Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone MP last Wednesday to discuss new measures.

He said: "The minister said they're doing everything they can to bring the ban in before Parliament recesses for the general election.

"But she's confident if that doesn't happen, whoever is in power in May will be able to do it from day one.

"Not only will you be able not to buy it in shops but you won't be able to buy it online."

Mr Jarvis said he had been contacted by scores of people around the Sheffield Road area after the Smokey Sams shop was opened.

He added: "I urge people to keep up the pressure on government and show the problems and anti-social behaviour caused by these drugs are completely unacceptable."