CATCHING a bus to work could save motorists £1,100 a year, according to Stagecoach.

The study by the bus operator found that local bus users save an average of £95 per month by leaving their car in the driveway - despite plummeting fuel costs.

Prices at the pump are at their lowest level for four years, but the survey of key commuter corridors found that hopping on the bus was still cheaper than the cost of fuel and car parking.

The study, carried out between January 13-16, found that a weekly journey on the 220/222 is £11.50 compared to £35 in the car.

Paul Lynch, managing director of Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: "People may be surprised to hear that, despite lower fuel prices for motorists, it's still possible to save a significant amount of money by commuting by bus.

"We have been independently found to offer the best value fares in Britain and we're continuing to deliver savings for customers, particularly through our multi-journey tickets which are used by the majority of our passengers."