POLICE are stepping up efforts against criminal damage and anti-social behaviour in Hoyland following 33 incidents of criminal damage over the past month.

Sgt Phil Jenkins said the offences mainly involved damage to vehicles overnight, with 'unknown offenders' puncturing tyres and scratching bodywork.

He told Hoyland Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meeting that there had been five incidents on December 22 alone.

He said: "We have had an increase in criminal damage in Hoyland over the last year. It could be down to factors like feuding neighbours or ex partners."

Officers are also fighting anti-social behaviour in Princess Street, Clough Fields and around supermarkets including Tesco. In one incident, a group of five youths took over the tannoy system.

Overall, there were 83 reports of anti-social behaviour in Hoyland over the last month, down from about 120 for the last recorded period.