AN American eating machine has conquered Barnsley's biggest breakfast.

Professional eater Randy Santel, from St Louis, is currently on a tour of Britain where he plans to face 40 challenges.

It was Barnsley's turn last Thursday and the 28-year-old paid a visit to Bailey's Cafe, whose whopping breakfast consists of ten rashers bacon, ten sausages, ten fried eggs, six hash browns, six slices of black pudding, 1lb of mushrooms, a tin of baked beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes.

If that's not enough, there are ten slices of toast to munch through and a large cup of tea or coffee to wash the 8lb monster down with.

The 5,000-calorie breakfast was created by the cafe's co-owner, Emma Bailey, and must be completed in just one hour straight if you want the cost of £18.99 refunded.

Only 15 people have dared to tried it but no one has got anywhere near, until Randy turned up and finished the lot in just 45 minutes and 24 seconds.

Lee Bailey, who runs the cafe with Emma, said: "I never thought I would see anyone finish it, but Randy is no man - he's a machine."