FIVE Barnsley litterbugs have been fined £215 each.

The people were all issued with fixed penalty notices by 3GS, the private firm brought in by the council to clamp down on town centre litterers, but none paid up.

Michael Baxter, 26, of Richardson Walk, Wombwell, Carol Constantine, 61, of Church Street, Jump, Emma Gascoigne, 23, of Wellington Crescent, Barnsley, Amy Robershaw, 22, of Standhill Crescent, New Lodge and Stacey Thomas, 32, of York Street, Cudworth all dropped cigarette ends.

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesperson for place, said: "None of the litterers showed up court but all of them were found guilty in their absence.

"This sends out a clear message that not paying your fine will lead to prosecution - failing to turn up at court on the day will not get you out of trouble.

"The town centre has numerous bins for people to use and they're emptied regularly. It costs the council over £1.5 million a year to keep Barnsley clean."

Over 1,000 penalties have been given to people for littering since May 2014. Littering can only be an offence if the person is aged ten or over.