A BARNSLEY man has won £300 today in a town centre treasure hunt organised by Tyke Racing.

Clues were posted from 10am on the morning of the giveaway, creating a three-hour frenzy of people searching for the Tyke Racing Treasure Hunter's location.

Obscure images of town centre locations were posted to the go-kart firm's Facebook page, with scores of people joining in to hunt the cash.

The lucky winner was 30-year-old Darrell Tansley, of Sackville Street, who noticed the posts on social media and began his search.

He said: "It's my day off so I just thought I would nip into the town centre and try my luck. I didn't get every clue but I found the last few and they turned out to be the key ones.

"It's a great early Christmas present. The money will be spent on gifts and a nice, warm drink after braving the cold!"