BARNSLEY councillors are calling for public input into an investigation that will consider how police budget cuts will affect the town.

Coun Margaret Bruff is heading up the scrutiny commission investigation into the potential impact on crime and anti-social behaviour if there are swathing budget cuts.

She said: "As local councillors we find that crime and anti-social behaviour are often perceived by our communities to be worse than what the statistics show. However, there is, I believe, reason for concern should the cuts in the police budgets leads to cuts in front line policing. The minority few that commit offences will see any reductions in officers as a reduction in the possibility of being caught.

"Additionally, the proposal to abolish the police authority and have an elected police commissioner instead could mean that Barnsley officers may be redeployed elsewhere in South Yorkshire to deal with high-level crime in other areas. Barnsley’s priorities for reducing crime and anti-social behaviour may not be fully reflected in the way policing resources are allocated.

"It is important this Scrutiny Commission raises our concerns and gets assurance from the witnesses that Barnsley and its citizens will not lose out.”

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