A COUPLE who met on a blind date have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

Lily and Peter Smith, of Blackheath Road, Athersley South, were set up by Lily's sister Christine and enjoyed the 50th with family and friends on Friday.

"She told me she was taking me out and to get ready, and that was it," Lily said. "I was shocked when I got there and didn't know whether to go home or not. But in the end we had a nice night."

The couple continued to meet and were married on December 19 at St Mary Magdalene Church in Lundwood.

They moved to Lily's mum's house on Rotherham Road, Cundy Cross, after they were married and daughter Lynne arrived in 1966.

They had two more daughters, Susan, 45, and Diana, 32, as well as seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.