RULES put in place to stop anti-social behaviour in Mandela Gardens resulted in 40 people being moved by the police.

There were also four arrests for possession of drugs and two arrests for drunk and disorderly during the period between May and November, when the dispersal order operated.

Sgt Andy Norton, of the central safer neighbourhood team, said: "It's not an excessive amount but we targeted the worst offenders and it shows we used the powers with discretion.

"People saw it as a blanket curfew - it wasn't. It specifically gave us powers to deal with anti-social behaviour and to disperse people from the specified area.

"The main problem was the behaviour of gangs."

The order came in to force after it emerged groups of youths were congregating in Mandela Gardens to take substances known as legal highs bought from Smokey Sam's which was previously in the Arcade.

There were complaints from nearby businesses that youths had been taking drugs, vomiting, urinating and fighting.