THE heartbroken mum of the two young boys who were killed in a blaze at their dad's house has used some of their ashes in a new tattoo.

Claire Throssell, 42, has had a poignant memorial penned on her chest to remember 12-year-old Jack and Paul, nine, who lost their lives in the blaze on Tennyson Close, Penistone, in October.

She claims their father, Darren, 44, lured them to his attic before starting the fire. He too died in the tragic incident.

Claire said: "I had my tattoo done with some of my precious boys' ashes mixed in with the ink. The words within my tattoo include the last words Jack and Paul said to me ('to infinity and beyond').

"I now carry a part of my boys within me close to my heart forever. I nurtured and carried them for the first nine months of their life and now I have only to touch my chest and I can feel close to them once more.

"This is something nobody can take away from me and I am so, so proud of it just like I was of my boys."