A BABY pygmy goat from Silkstone has captured the nation's hearts after appearing on the BBC.

Benjamin, who has a twin sister, was born at Horsfields Nursery and pretty soon he had quite a bit to bleat about.

Shortly after he was born, his mum found she couldn't cope with two hungry little ones so she abandoned him.

That's where nursery owner Tom Horsfield stepped in. He took Benjamin home and laid him next to his oven.

He then fed the kid every four hours with special formula milk and has been doing so ever since. Now, thanks to Tom's loving care, the little one is thriving and bounces about like a mountain goat.

"The vet said he had little chance of surviving but I had to do something," he said. "At first he was extremely weak and I was up at all times of night feeding him and gradually he began to recover.

"He's now five weeks old and although only half the size of his twin sister, he's doing very well."

Benjamin now sleeps in Tom's kitchen and loves to watch TV with him.

And every day he goes to work with his master.

"Benjamin is a pleasure to be around," Tom added. "Everybody loves him - he even has his own friends on Facebook."

Click here to view the adorable goat's video.