PARENTS are launching a campaign for a 'nit day' to tackle the problem of head lice across Barnsley schools.

Carla Lewis, 29, of Burton Road, said her daughter Tilly, four, has had head lice up to 15 times.

"Tilly has always got them and I have to do her hair constantly," she added. "The only time she has been clear is when we have been on holiday.

"It's not a problem with the school, the school does everything it can to help and we're always getting letters and advice.

"But kids are getting them at different times so they're constantly being passed on. I think some mums are struggling with it and it seems to be getting worse."

She and others want parents across Barnsley to wash their children's hair with special head lice shampoo on a particular day at the same time to try and get rid of them.

They're looking to put up posters across Barnsley schools informing parents of the campaign.

Michelle Foster, headteacher at St Helen's Primary, said: "We're keen to support parents in improving the situation with head lice.

"We're looking to set up a meeting with some parents and involve the school nurse to explore more ways we can help with this issue.

"We're grateful for Carla and the other parents in raising this and look forward to working with them in the future so that we can support in the best ways possible."