A STALKER threatened to "dig up" his estranged girlfriend's dead baby son in a "grotesque" campaign of harassment, a court was told.

Lee Moore, 42, had been in a volatile relationship with Kelly Hepple for five years but they separated on September 28.

The following day Miss Hepple received numerous phone calls which she ignored but was later awoken by a loud banging on the communal door of her flat.

She looked out of the window and Moore shouted at her aggressively before leaving. Later that day she received further telephone calls.

"One of the calls referred to her son from a previous relationship who died at three months old," said Susan Evans, prosecuting. "He shouted he would dig him up."

Miss Hepple then received more phone calls and 130 texts from him in the next 24 hours.

"He encouraged her to kill herself and again mentioned her dead child."

Judge Peter Kelson jailed Moore for 12 months. He told him: "You have said some particularly grotesque things to her. Your references to threatening to dig up her deceased son are nothing short of repulsive."

The judge also made Moore subject to a restraining order banning him from contacting Miss Hepple other than with the leave of the court until further order.