POLICE have issued a warning regarding the use of legal highs after four teenagers were taken to hospital.

Police were contacted on November 29 after four boys were admitted to hospital over the course of the weekend after having taken apparent legal high substances in South Yorkshire.

They have all since been released from hospital and a 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of supplying intoxicating substances to under 18s in connection with the incidents.

South Yorkshire Police and its partners are aware of the increasing availability, use and potential harms caused by so-called legal highs and have issued a county-wide warning.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Carl Lindley said: "People think that because a substance is legal it will be safe. However, these substances are packaged and labelled as ‘not for human consumption’.

"This means there's no quality control and the exact ingredients vary in each package. The chemical composition of these substances is similar to that of controlled drugs and can have equally serious effects.

"The inherent dangers of taking these unknown and untested chemicals are obvious, yet because of the relatively low cost and ease of access people are still tempted to experiment.

"It's important to note that mixing these substances or taking them with illegal drugs or alcohol massively increases the risks."