A VOLUNTEERING scheme which allows locals to help plan and work on Barnsley's major events and even help to run their own sports groups has been launched.

Matthew Woodhouse, Barnsley Council's volunteering coordinator, has set up Barnsley Best to provide opportunities for local people to get involved with events and sporting activities.

He said: "It was set up origanlly to encourage people to get involved with the Newham Barnsley Partnership in the run up to the Olympics but we found it was an area that needed assistance in terms of events across Barnsley and not just those ones.

"Lots of people would like to volunteer but time commitments sometimes mean it isn't something they can do on a regular, say weekly, basis. Allowing for a project like this will mean that - while there might be long term opportunities for volunteers with some sports clubs - others might just need occasional help."

The group has already formed partnerships with Barnsley FC for the Sports Relief Mile event and is recruiting volunteers now. Training will be provided.