POLICE have launched a community group intended to improve the service available to the communities in Barnsley.

Chief Inspector Deb Mahmood, a senior officer in the town, brought together representatives from across Barnsley to create the group.

The members of the public that make it up will provide feedback and advice to officers, enabling the force to improve the service officers provide to the community.

CI Mahmood said: "The purpose of setting up this group was to ensure that we deliver a fair and equal service to all communities in Barnsley, listening to what the public tell us and acting on your feedback.

"We recognise that there are many diverse communities in Barnsley and we want to know what you think about your local policing service. We're keen to involve the public in our decision-making process, as ultimately they're the ones affected and impacted by any change."

Anyone wishing to get involved or wanting more information should contact CI Deb Mahmood on 101.