A BARNSLEY mum-of-three has had her first book published.

Natalie Gosney, from Darfield, is giving away a first edition copy of Wolf Born to celebrate its release.

The 31-year-old said: "I spent my childhood climbing trees, playing make-believe and reading lots of books, so my passion only grew as I got older.

"With this came the desire to tell stories of my own."

The story centres around Carly's life, who leads a relatively mundane existence who tidies up after an inattentive boyfriends and watches re-runs of sitcoms.

One evening, she sees something at her window and starts to suffer from terrifying hallucinations. To top it off, her boyfriend's missing.

When Kyle, a handsome stranger, shows up at her door and takes her under his wing, she's thrown into a supernatural world and learns she's been scratched by a werewolf.

To survive, she must join the pack.

The draw for the signed book will take place on Wednesday. Click here for more details.