A CEMETERY has been hit by a string of sickening thefts - including flowers stolen from a six-year-old's grave.

Darcy Burke, who died in April of a brain tumour, was just one who was targeted by thieves at the cemetery at Wombwell.

Darcy's sister Jade, 21, of Marsh Street, Wombwell, said: "My mum put a fresh bouquet of flowers on October 22 and four days later, they had gone.

"How low can people get to take flowers from a child's grave?

"For me to go up and visit and know that she's in there is hard, but this makes it even harder."

Flowers and plants have also been taken from next to the headstone on the plot where Pete Bradshaw's ashes are buried. Pete died aged 57 in December.

Pete's widow Sue, of Stonyford Road, Wombwell, said: "This is the fifth time flowers have been taken from Pete's grave. It's sickening to think people can come and pinch flowers from a cemetery.

"They took a blue heather plant which I had bought especially because Pete supported Sheffield Wednesday. I can't replace that because it's out of season now."

Sue, 55, said she replaced the blue heather plant on top of Pete's headstone with a white heather on Tuesday - but now that has been taken too.

"To do it twice in one week is just unbelievable," she added. "I feel sick to my stomach."

The first theft took place sometime in between 3.30pm on Sunday and 11am last Monday morning. The second occurred between 11.30am on Tuesday and 2.30pm on Wednesday.

Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to call South Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 416 of November 3.