A CONCERNED mum has set up an online petition to get her son's school inspected by Ofsted after he was robbed on the way there.

Hayley Crossland, 30, whose 12-year-old son Luke goes to Outwood Academy, formerly Shafton ALC, was attacked on the school bus and had his money stolen.

She is concerned about the school's response and feels Ofsted should look into how the school is run.

Hayley said: "I rang the school for 90 minutes until I got put through to a senior member of staff who said the school was not at my beck and call.

"This isn't an isolated incident either, a lot of parents have found the attitude of staff unacceptable."

Hayley has also set up a Facebook page called 'Outwood Academy Shafton Complaints' which has more than 500 likes.