FUNDING has been found to offer teenagers at risk of leaving school with no college or career pathways options for the future.

The cash, which has come from UK Steel Enterprise Ltd, be used by the Grimethorpe Activity Zone (GAZ) at Shafton ALC targeting 15-year-olds who might be potential NEETs (not in education, employment or training.) Latest figures show that around a fifth of the borough's 16-24 year olds are in that catergory and Dave Taylor, founder of the Grimethorpe Activity Zone, said help is needed.

He added: "I’ve always said that if you can find a young person a job or a course at 16 then there is no need for any more intervention. I find that if you can get them on a course it is money well spent in the long run, compared to the alternative of them potentially going through court or ending up in prison. “We have lost a lot of young lives in our area and that needs to stop. In the last recession young people in our area were entering their 30s still hanging around the streets and causing trouble. I can see that happening again if we’re not careful, which is why our new programme is so important.” The project will help the students apply for training courses, college courses and help them to find jobs.