TOWN centre litter-droppers have been named and shamed by the council - and fined £225 each.

Rhys Atkinson, 25, of Mansfield Road, Athersley, dropped litter on Shambles Street.

Janine Ellis, 43, of Darton Street, Darton, was caught dropping litter at Barnsley Interchange.

David Hewitt, 37, of Tune Street, Barnsley, also was caught doing the same at the transport hub.

Aleksandrs Lukjanovs, 30, of Langdale Court, Barnsley, dropped litter on Eldon Street.

Laura Snitkus, 25, also of Langdale Court, littered Eldon Street as well.

Fixed penalty notices were originally issued in May by 3GS, the private company brought in by Barnsley Council to take action against people who choose to drop litter in the town centre.

Fixed penalty notices are offered instead of prosecution and by law people have 14 days in which to pay them - if they don’t pay in full then Barnsley Council’s policy is to prosecute them.

None of the defendants appeared at Barnsley Magistrates' Court on October 16 but all were found guilty in their absence.

Each now has to pay a fine, and all have to pay prosecution costs back to the council as well as a victim surcharge, totalling fines of £224.94 each.

Coun Roy Miller said: "There's no excuse for dropping litter. It makes the town centre look untidy and uncared for and gives a bad impression, deterring both visitors to the area and potential business investment.

"If you're inconsiderate enough to blight our borough in this way and get caught doing so, the advice is to pay up immediately to avoid incurring further costs."