A PLAN to develop a gypsy and traveller site at Stairfoot has been scrapped because the development land was contaminated.

Barnsley Council had earmarked a site on land off Sandygate Lane, Stairfoot for the ten-pitch site after it emerged the borough had won a grant of £800,000 from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to improve facilities for gypsy's and travellers in the borough.

But, it emerged today that the original development site has had to be scrapped - and the council is now on the look-out for a new site to develop.

Coun Karen Dyson, the Mayor of Barnsley, formed an action group against the proposed site being used for travellers and has been campaigning against it since 2007.

She said: "You do always get a feeling of not in my back yard in plans like this, but in this case we were genuinely concerned about the contamination on the site.

"We said all along it was not an appropriate place as the location didn't fit the criteria. We've been fighting against this for years so its a relief that the decision has been made to not go ahead."

An alternative location in the borough is now being sought for the gypsy and traveller site.

A council spokesman said: "Officers have been undertaking detailed site investigation of a possible site at Sandygate Lane, Stairfoot, Barnsley. "The investigation has revealed that the ground conditions on the former colliery and chemical works site are likely to require significant remedial work to deal with contaminants in the ground. "The potential cost of the work means that this site is unlikely to offer the best value for the government grant investment, so the council has decided not to pursue this option further. "The HCA funding for a new site in the borough is secure and the council intends to continue and broaden its search for an appropriate location to meet the identified need."