A BARNSLEY man who stabbed a 75-year-old grandmother more than 40 times in her own home has been found guilty of murder.

Liam Naylor, 23, of Junction Street, denied murdering Doreen Walker but was found guilty following a two-week trial at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday.

Mrs Walker’s body was found at her home in Birkwood Avenue, Cudworth, on April 2.

A post-mortem examination found she died as a result of multiple stab wounds.

Naylor knew Mrs Walker and had met her on numerous occasions through her 17-year-old granddaughter with whom he was friends.

Detective Superintendent Richard Fewkes said: "Doreen Walker was an elderly woman murdered in her own home by a man she had shown kindness to only hours before.

"Doreen's family and close friends have endured months of pain and anguish since her murder and have been forced to re-live events during this trial.

"I hope that Naylor's conviction will provide them some solace and help them to move forward in the knowledge that Doreen's killer has been brought to justice."

Naylor will be sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court today.