A DAD is angry that his son was "forced" to take part in PE - despite medical advice not to.

Cory Robinson, 12, was pushed to do PE at Shafton ALC - now Outwood Grange - on a number of occasions, even though he was under strict instructions not to.

He later broke his hip while out playing with friends - something his dad, Paul Robinson, thinks is due to him taking part in physical activity at school.

Paul, 34, of Nancy Road, Grimethorpe, said Cory's doctor's note was torn up in front of him by his PE teacher, and he was told to get changed because he would be taking part in the lesson.

He said: "Cory did as he was told, and he took part in a number of PE lessons where he played cricket and tennis.

"He was then out with his friends on the first day of the school holidays. He got pushed over when they were messing about, he was stuck and he couldn't get back up.

"His mum came and picked him up straight away and took him to hospital.

"He was told then that he'd broken his hip and he's had to have his hip pinned together.

"I'm not saying that the school are entirely responsible for what has happened, I know they aren't, but he was told not to do PE and the teacher just went against advice from the doctor.

"They certainly haven't helped him and his situation."

Paul said they have put in a formal complaint about the school to Ofsted.

Headteacher Lisa Allott said the school takes any complaints made about its policies or the conduct of its staff very seriously.

"We have investigated a complaint recently and our policy was followed fully and properly," she added.